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Call for Papers

ProArt Summer School 2013

“Ars et Circenses” 

One of the most interesting things about art has always been that its mandate in society was (and is) so manifold as to be almost unclear – its boundaries as well as its scope are undefined, and are often subsumed in the much larger and more general field of ‘entertainment’
Artists and cultural institutions must continually re-define themselves and their function. In competition with other kinds of entertainment, they have to use a variety of strategies for capturing the attention of the public, which are often borrowed from the worlds of advertising and marketing. This pursuit of public interest and successful self-marketing raises questions regarding the function of art in society, which have an important impact on the mechanisms structuring the work of individual artists, as well as public and state funding for the arts.

The 3rd interdisciplinary ProArt summer school, which encompasses the disciplines of Art History, Art Education, Musicology, Music Education and Theatre Studies, aims to address these questions, and to discuss the following related issues:

  • What is the status of art in the entertainment sector today and vice versa?
  • How does self-marketing change the role and status of the artist?
  • Reflecting Tom Gunning's definition of the 'cinema of attractions' one could ask: To what extent has art become an attraction? What role does the spectacular and the theatrical play in art?
  • How do artists market themselves?
  • What (monetary) value can one attribute to a work of art, or art in general? How does investment in art work?
  • In what ways can art be exploited for propaganda purposes? How do political or financial forces influence the arts?
  • How can artists define themselves as ‘outside’ mainstream culture?
  • How does art compete with other fields of entertainment in market terms?