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Interdisciplinary Summer School 2012

The Arts and the Future

(Language: English)

With advent of postmodernism, the historico-philosophical topoi associated with “art”, and which remained valid well into the twentieth century, have undergone a radical examination: Up until this time, “art” was considered to be a, if not the means to debate questions relevant to society and, beyond that, to effect social change. Art was considered to be a moral authority, a political instrument of influence on human coexistence. It was considered the utopian momentum par excellence. However, with the disappearance of progress-centred and evolutionary parameters, with the end of the “grand narratives” of modernism, we no longer speak of “art” in the singular, but rather of “the arts”. The visual arts, music, theatre and film are each developing their own aesthetic, theoretical and philosophical criteria which can no longer be translated from one field to another.

In view of this development, the ProArt Summer School 2012 would like to address the following aspects:

  • Due to their diversity, are the arts still able to reflect socially relevant questions or even to effect social change?
  • What are the modalities, which, in view of the end of the idea of progress, identify the arts as future-shaping?
  • How do the arts intersect with dominant future-oriented discourses such as risk, sustaininability, scenario-building?
  • Are there, as a result of globalisation and internationalisation, translatable criteria as to how and whether the arts can be effective in the different societies and political systems in terms of their ability to imagine the future?